Anna Garbier

Computational Sketchbook

Imaginary maps

Computational Sketchbook is a sample of daily, 90-minute sketches made out of code. Most begin as formal exercises in computation. A few use code to play with existing works by artists I enjoy: Anni Albers, Sol Lewitt, Georg Nees, Roberto Burle Marx, Alberto Giacometti.

These sketches began as part of the Computational Form course at Parsons School of Design.

Sound animation stills, after Georg Nees (live link)

Collage I

Collage II

Infinite blue lines (live link)


Lines connecting pixels (after Alberto Giacometti)

Same code, different density

Perlin noise drops

Perlin variations I

Perlin variations II


Dashes variation I

Dashes variation II

Dashes variation III

Dashes variation IV

Color play (after Roberto Burle Marx)

Parametric castle-in-rock generator


Towards gentle noise

”X marks the spot”

If Sol Lewitt wrote ditties (live link)

Geometric walkers

A page from Anni Albers’ notebook

More projects